Leading You to a Guided Life


  • Helping you find purpose and connection to your highest Divine Self
  • Creating the bridge for conversation with loved ones who have passed
  • Mentoring psychics and mediums to be master messengers

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When my seven year old son, J.T., passed in March 2007, I thought my life was over. Strangely, I found myself being pushed forward by this force I never knew existed. The more I moved with the force, the smoother the path. I had no idea what I would find on this path, but I knew I had to keep moving because something was waiting for me up ahead. Amazingly, it was J.T.! He had been with me all along. I found my son again, and with that, I found joy and hope.

I dedicate my life now to helping others reconnect with their loved ones who have passed, so, they, too, can experience what I experienced when I found J.T. again — that he was happy, he was okay, and still very close to me.

I also train others to tune into their Divine wisdom, to get answers to all of life’s questions, and to lead a guided life.

Anyone can learn to do what I do. We are all born with these gifts. Through training (and determination), I learned how to access the other side, and I can teach you to do the same.

What will you find on your journey? Are you willing to walk a little with me to see?

We receive information from our loved ones, angels and guides every day.  How much we listen and tune in depends on our awareness and willingness to receive.  They truly are right beside us, just waiting for us to realize they’ve been there all along.

Our loved ones who have passed are still so close to us, and they want us to know they are happy, out of pain, and very much still “alive”! Through my own personal tragedy, I learned how to communicate with the other side. I can connect you with your loved ones, angels and guides — your Infinite Support System.  I am the bridge between our world and theirs. They are still with us, and they do want that connection with us!

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My work is dedicated to my son, J.T., who left us to go Home March 30, 2007. Without him, I never would have discovered who I am. He is always so eager to help me and my clients in more ways I can count!