Who Are You?

Defining Ourselves in a Culture of Boxes That Don’t Fit

I remember when I was in school, I never really fit in. I wasn’t the popular kid. I was the smart kid, in advanced math classes and AP Physics. I was a geek. But that wasn’t really who I was either. I had great friends who were also the Misfits. We would do crazy things and get the nuns all riled up, wondering what to do with us. Since we were smart and got good grades, they didn’t want to impede our learning, so as long as we stayed inside the lines, we were safe.

As I got older and went to college (studying mechanical engineering), I had a harder time in the Misfit box. It wasn’t fitting as well, and I wanted to do something different. But what? Once again, I found myself with the Geeks in the Technical Support department at Logitech, then onto Software QA Engineering. I loved my work! It fit me to a T.
I was an Engineer.

Then I got married and was pregnant with J.T., and decided to quit my job and stay home with my baby. In the beginning, the Mom box didn’t fit at all. I had no idea what to do with this little being who wouldn’t sleep and cried a lot. Suddenly, I wasn’t good at my job anymore (or so I thought). I went into an identity crisis, wondering what happened to that Engineer who did her job so well. Everyone was telling me how to be a good Mom, what to do with my child, how to raise him to be a good boy, “let him cry it out,” “if he’s not potty trained by 3, there’s something wrong with him,” “you’re too soft on him,” blah blah blah.

So much of what I was hearing was counter to what my intuition was saying. I felt like I had to fight for my intuition. I knew what to do if I just stopped listening to the outside world, and just listened to that inner voice. I did find my bearings, and lead my parenting from the heart instead of the head. I let my heart tell me what to do (most of the time) and told my head to shut up.

Fast forward to ten years ago, when J.T. left and I found who I am. Droves of people left my life (or so it felt) because they could not handle who I was. It was quite a while before I was able to say “I’m a psychic medium” without hanging my head, waiting for them to tell me I was going to hell or that the devil was inside me. Talk about being a Misfit! I was wearing that suit very well! Thankfully, I had J.T. prodding me on, letting me know it was okay to be who I was, and that, in time, others would accept it, too. Thankfully.

From birth, we are told so many things about ourselves from outside of us. “You’re so cute” “You are going to grow up and be just like your mom (or dad)” “You’re not very smart, are you?”

We forget we have that inner compass to guide us because we rely on our outside world to feed us, clothe us, and keep us safe. Why wouldn’t we rely on them to tell us who we are, also?

If you are reading this, you get it. You understand you are not just one thing or another.You are complex. You do not fit into just one box. Wouldn’t that be neat and tidy! It can be hard, though, to jump from box to box depending on what you are doing and who you are with…the work box, the parent box, the adult child box, the friend box. Then there’s the things that happened to us. The grieving parent box, the addict box, the doormat box. The truth is no one box fits, but sometimes we get stuck in a particular box because of something we are told about ourselves, or what society and our culture expects from us.

I invite you to take a look at your boxes this month:

Are there any boxes you keep cramming yourself into that just aren’t working anymore?
Are you being told you should be in a box that you know isn’t right for you?
Is it hard for you to listen to your inner knowing?
Do you rely on others to tell you what box to be in?
What would it feel like to break out of the boxes and be in the flow of life instead of being in a box?

No matter who or what around you is defining what box or who you should be, STOP and listen to your heart. What is your heart telling you? Move all the other junk out of the way…and listen. All you need is already within you. Your inner compass knows WHO YOU ARE.

This time of year, we can get overwhelmed with what other people expect from us. Again, I invite you to take a look inside your box, to find the gift of YOU, and not what other people project on you. If you need any help with this, please let me know. Sometimes, all it takes is creating a quiet space so your soul can speak to you. I’d be happy to assist you in getting rid of your boxes and learning to listen to your heart!

Do You See Number Sequences?

Seeing number sequences, like 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333?

Each of these sequences have a different meaning, but they all mean one thing: Your Divine Helpers and loved ones who have passed are reaching out to you to give you a message.

There is no one defined message for a sequence, and it might be a special message just for you. An example of this for me is 10:37. I see this sequence all the time! It’s my dad saying “Hi” from the other side. His birthday is 5/10/1937, so of course, he would choose something unique, like 10:37, so I would know it was him!

Here’s just a few definitions for these number sequences. Again, your message might be different!

11:11 – You are being called to look at your life differently. Ask yourself if you are where you need to be right now. Your guides and angels are here to help!

1:11 or 111 – New beginnings. You have the opportunity to begin anew. Take advantage of it now!

2:22 or 222 – Creation is in your hands. What do you want to create today? You can create anything you desire!

3:33 or 333 – We are here to help you in your endeavors. Dream big and use your innate intuition to guide you.

4:44 or 444 – You are in alignment with your soul. Keep charging forward! Take a class or do some research on how to enhance your intuition.

5:55 or 555 – Change is on the horizon. You have more to say about this change and how it manifests than you believe. Ask for Divine assistance to help you.

666 – The popular definition of this is that it is the sign of the devil. What is the devil? The devil is something that diverts you from your path. 666 is telling you to shift your focus. What you see in front of you might be an illusion. Look inside for the true answer.

777 – You are a spiritual being. Everything is in alignment with your higher self. Reach for the stars and broaden your perspective of who you are. Remember your Divine self.

888 – You are almost there! Keep moving forward. You have the power to complete this. Look inside for that Divine Spark and personal power to take you to the finish line!

999 – The number 9 is about endings. Endings aren’t good or bad, they just are. You have choice in how this ends. Use your intuition to move you through this final phase. Let go of what isn’t working anymore, so newness can make it’s way into your life.

10:10 – Watch your thoughts, as thoughts are creation and become your reality. Keep your thoughts positive and know you are always protected and assisted in so many ways!

12:12 – This number sequence is very high vibration. It’s a reminder that you are aligned with the Universe. It also is a portal activation, which means it is an invitation to take your energy to a higher place. When you see this sequence, stop and meditate. Ask your Helpers to take you to the highest vibration possible.

12:34 – You are progressing forward. Keep moving! Trust your guidance and know you are exactly where you need to be! Don’t get caught up by illusions in front of you. You can change it to anything you need it to be!

Again, these are just a few of the meanings of these number sequences. There are many meanings, so trust your intuition to tell you what these numbers mean specifically to you and your journey!

If you need help deciphering your number sequences, keep reading for a special discount on individual sessions with me!

Find Your Tree

I had the most incredible encounter with a tree today. I visit a labyrinth in the area, and there is one tree with which I have frequent conversations. It is a very wise soul, and can help me with anything I bring to it. Today, I felt my filters were clogged. You know that feeling when things are just fuzzy? I was feeling like that today, and realized I needed a cleaning. I was running names of healers through my head to see which popped up as the best soul to help me with this as I was walking the labyrinth. At the point where I stopped at my tree, it said to me, “I can do that for you.” I said, “Oh, that would be wonderful!” and I grabbed one of the branches. I immediately felt a backward push as the energy started to run through me. The backward push morphed into a circular rotation of my body, round and round, as this incredible energy coursed through me. Part of me was hoping no one would see this strange occurrence from the road or the windows nearby, and another part of me was enjoying it so much, I could care less!

The rotation slowed and then came to a stop. I opened my eyes to regain my balance, and felt cleared, cleansed, reenergized, and clog free!!

This was my reminder about the wonders of nature, and the help that is at our fingertips. If you have not found YOUR tree yet, I suggest you do! They are healers, listeners, advisors and friends. Let the tree speak to you. Open your heart and listen. You might just have an experience like mine or better!

Happy tree hugging!

It’s Okay to Not Fill the Stocking

This will be our tenth Christmas without J.T. here to open presents with us. That first year, I shopped for him anyway. I couldn’t stand the fact he wasn’t going to be there, so I pretended he was going to come home and would need his presents. Delusional? No. Just grieving.

I had connection with him by this time, but it wasn’t as clear as it is now. I’m sure he told me to let it go, but I either couldn’t hear it, or wouldn’t hear it. I made sure I got gifts that his sister and brother would like, so at least someone would be able to play with the toys. I also bought so many presents for my other children, in hopes to make up for the huge hole in our family, that they actually got bored opening them after a while. That’s quite an accomplishment, isn’t it?

The next year, I vowed to not go overboard. I still got J.T. a few things his brother and sister would like. What was I trying to prove, though? That he was still there? That my love for him hadn’t faded? That I thought he would be missing Christmas? All of the above, I suppose.

The third year, I realized purchasing presents was a bit ridiculous, so I filled his stocking with little goodies instead, again, knowing his siblings would get the goods, for which they were happy…I think. I never did ask them how they felt about it. For all I knew, it opened the wound again. Kids are so resilient and heal so much more quickly than we do with these things, especially at five and three years old. To think that J.T. has been gone longer than they have been alive is so strange, but at the same time, I’m glad for them that their pain has subsided over the years.

I have filled J.T.’s stocking for years now, with little trinkets he would like and, of course, candy. At this point with clear connection with my son, he’s telling me to let it go, and I can hear him very clearly. He says, “Why are you spending money on me, Mom? It’s okay to not fill my stocking now. You know where I am, and you know I’m not going anywhere. Let’s give this tradition a rest.”

All of these thoughts rush through my mind as I think about the possibility of not shopping for him. I knew I had been fooling myself into thinking this was really for his siblings so they would feel closer to him this time of year, and it was for me to feel he was included. But what was this really about?

When you lose a child, guilt becomes a normal feeling. I mean, how could we have allowed this to happen? We should have saved our child, and we didn’t. Now, if I let go of this, does it mean I don’t love him, or will forget about him?

The answer is no. First of all, we are not responsible for our children’s passing. J.T. tells me no one leaves unless it is their time, and if they don’t leave one way, they will find another way. We as parents do not have the power or authority to stop that. Secondly, will I ever forget my son or stop loving him? NO! He’s with me every moment, and we share a bond that can never be severed. Love is energy, and energy can never be destroyed…it just changes form.

Yes, we have had to work at this relationship from where he is now, but it will never change the parent-child connection. I will always love him and always remember who he is.

So this year, per J.T.’s request, I am not filling his stocking. And so far, I’m feeling okay about it.

If you have been doing something similar for your child or loved one, I invite you to relieve yourself of the guilt and obligation this year. It doesn’t mean they won’t be with you. In fact, quite the opposite! Our loved ones make this time of year special for us in any way they can. Believe the magic of the season applies to them, too!

J.T. and I are sending you love and peaceful wishes for the upcoming holiday season.

Namaste and Many Blessings!

The Animal Connection (Sibyl Magazine Article – October 2016)

My twelve-year-old son has Asperger’s Syndrome. He was diagnosed when he was seven, but we saw symptoms years prior. He was born with a heart defect and had to be on a plethora of medications until they could operate. I’m told this created the condition, a combination of drugs in his newborn system. Many know these incredible children by the name “Indigo.” They are highly intelligent and sensitive.

Being in the woo-woo field, my approach has been holistic: Acupuncture, NAET, amethyst mat, and some traditional therapy thrown in for good measure. We do Reiki every night before he goes to bed. He gives me Reiki and I give him Reiki, such a great way to end a day. There is a third member in our nightly ritual who, as soon as we initiate Reiki, jumps on the bed and demands his share. His name is Hugo, and he is a Creamsicle Tabby cat. 20160919_150326We call him a Dreamsicle, because he is an angel in a cat suit, a healer, and an incredible barometer for my son. Hugo knows when my son is agitated, and will jump in his lap, curl up and purr. Just by petting this little angel, my son calms and is able to come back from wherever he goes when he gets into these energy states.

Hugo is not the only healer in an animal suit in our home. We have a knack for finding them in shelters. We learn so much them and vice versa, I am sure. When I’m tired, there is always an animal in my lap helping me to clear and bring in higher energy. In return, we give them more than just an “animal life.” They are members of our family through and through.

I started working with much larger healers—horses. I am learning about their intelligence, 20160817_201157personalities, healing abilities, and companionship. Horse therapy ranches are popping up all over the country, and for good reason. Others have discovered as I have that horses know how to heal instinctively. They mirror emotions and can assist in mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing. These animals are a gift to us, and the psychic connection is undeniable. The more time I spend in their presence, the more I understand about my own lessons, not to mention staying in my authentic self.

Being surrounded by these blessed beings—cat, dog, horse, no matter—I am becoming a more balanced, healed and wiser person. I invite you to step into the animal healer world and experience what I have. Studies show people with animals live longer, healthier, happier lives. Healers have been gifted to us from all over the Universe. We certainly need all the help we can get at this point! My hope is you find your own animal healer and take your life to the next level. It is an experience I highly recommend!

To view the entire October 2016 issue, click here!

Here It Comes Again!

I’ve talked about this before, but since this pattern is repeating in my life, I know it is repeating in others’ lives also.


Do you have the same things happen to you over and over? I do. There are a couple of themes that run through these “experiences” I have every couple of years. I understand now this is not to deter me from my work, but to make me stronger.

When this experience first came into my life, I raised holy hell and defended myself to the highest degree. I called out the people who were insulting me and what I do, putting them in their place and making sure as many people knew what the truth was behind what they were saying. I thought to myself, “I have to stand up against these bullies and liars!”

The second time this came around, I said, “Again?” I knew I needed to look at the situation differently, so I asked my incredible guides, “What is this? Why is this back again?” They replied, “We want you to let it go, not respond, not react. Don’t give it any energy at all.” Are you kidding?

I tried. I did. But that fierce defender in me couldn’t let it go. I responded again, but this time, I wasn’t as virulent in my retort. Yes, I’m learning, I told myself.

Each time I saw this lesson heading my way, I told myself, “I’m not responding. I’m not responding. This doesn’t need a response. Really, I’m not responding.” Each time, I had to say something, though. I just wasn’t there yet. Maybe it was my insecurities about being a medium, something so out there, and something so misunderstood. Maybe it was just my ego trying to make a statement. Regardless, when the insult would come, and the guides would say, “Don’t respond,” something in me just couldn’t comply.

This last week, it came again, viciously. The insult, the threat. As I read it, I immediately asked myself, “WWJD?” You know the saying. What would Jesus do? Jesus is not just a religious figure. He is an incredible teacher, and, boy, did he have his naysayers! I felt a calm come over me, and for the first time, I knew I didn’t need to respond. I knew this was the same old thing, just another view of the lesson I had been receiving over the last eight years. When you do what I do, there are going to be people who just don’t understand or agree with it. Period.

I didn’t respond, I deleted the message, and I released any energy attached to it. This time, I got the lesson.

We all have these themes come up. We have these “tests” of our resilience and our determination. Sometimes, they can feel so overwhelming, we just can’t breathe. Our job in these moments is to stop, breathe, and ask, “What do I need to do here?” Then quietly await the answer. Like me, it might be you are asked to do something against your grain. I can tell you from experience, learning how to walk through these experiences will make life more rich, brighter, and just more enjoyable.

Have I finally conquered this? I honestly don’t know. But I can say I am farther down the line than I was last week. And that is my victory!

The Best of Intentions

It’s February, and by now you are either immersed in your new way of life from the intentions you set at the beginning of the year, or you have gone back to the old way of living, where you believe you cannot succeed at what you set for yourself.

If you are rolling along, working it and changing it as you go, congratulations! You have learned the hidden secret to “intentions.” If you feel you have failed and cannot get your intentions off the ground, let me share that secret with you. Ready? Come close so I can whisper this in your ear. We wouldn’t want the truth to get out, would we?

The secret? LIFE CHANGES.

There. Now you are in the know.

How many times have been trucking along and everything is moving in the direction you set for yourself, then, out of the blue, something comes and plops itself in the middle of your path and refuses to get out of the way? For me, this happens all too often. “Why?” you ask. “I’m doing everything right, focusing on the positive, and here’s this big blob of whatever in my way.”

When that big blog gets in your way, there’s two questions you can ask. 1. Am I on the right path for my life? and 2. What do I need to do about The Blob?

Question 1 is asking for a quick assessment of where you are. Sometimes, we do get off track from where we need to be. So The Blob is helping you see you need to make a slight adjustment.

Question 2 is asking about what is in your way. Believe it or not, many times The Blob is imaginary, not really a block in the path at all. Sometimes, it is a measure for you to understand there are many options on your path, and not all are for your highest good. It is a “mid-term” to see if you really know what you think you know.

The Blob does not want you to give up. It is there to help you evaluate, shift, and change anything not working for you. Take this as a gift to help you truly move where you need to move.

Life does change. That’s the beauty of being here. When things feel like they are changing and life is getting hard, look at your Blob. What is it trying to tell you? Then make the adjustments you need to keep in the flow of your intentions and ride the wave to success, whatever that means for you! Then thank The Blob for opening your eyes and showing you where you really need to go.

If you need any help talking to your Blob, please let me know. It’s really not as scary as it looks!

The Road to Gratitude

I remember November 2007 very well, the year we had to say goodbye to JT. I was in a psychic development group, and the facilitator challenged us to keep a gratitude journal for the entire month.

As she told us the instructions on how to do this, I felt the anger well up inside of me. How in the F^&# was I supposed to be grateful for anything when I had to bury my son eight months prior?

I was determined to do whatever I had to, though, to talk to my son again, so I agreed to do this stupid exercise. I began this mediumship training only a month prior, and at this point still had to rely on others for messages from him. Oh, what I would give to hear my precious JT again.

I began with the small things…”I’m grateful for my husband” was an entry. My children. My car. My friends. My home. Amazingly, I was able to find something for which I was grateful every day! I surprised myself at my depth of introspection. I surprised myself even more when I felt the anger melt away, and I began to smile more. But wait! I wasn’t supposed to be smiling. I had just buried my child. How could I be smiling? Guilt replaced joy, and an inner struggle began. Wasn’t I disrespecting my son by moving toward being happy again? How could I do this?

One night, I heard a whisper in my ear, “But I want you to be happy again, Mom.”
At first, I passed it off as my imagination. After all, I was hearing voices in my head from others’ loved ones by this time, but who was this? It couldn’t be my son. “Mom, it’s me! JT. Listen to me. You have to stop this guilt. We have so much to do together and you need to be able to hear me clearly. Forgive yourself!”

What? Forgive myself? How in the world do I do that? I was supposed to protect you, keep you safe, nurture you until you were old enough to fly on your own. I failed. And now, I am feeling joy when my life should be filled with nothing but pain. I don’t deserve joy.

Again I heard, “Forgive yourself!” Over and over again, I heard these words. Okay, okay! I will try.

For the sake of my son and my desire to reconnect with him, I began the arduous journey of self-forgiveness. It did not happen overnight, but I did finally forgive myself, not only for JT’s passing, but for feeling joyful again. My first book, A Bridge to Healing: J.T.’s Story – A Mother’s Grief Journey and Return to Hope, is the result of this work. I would not have been able to write it if I hadn’t listened to that voice in my head, “Forgive yourself!”

Holding myself in that anger and guilt kept me from having the clear connection with my son.

What is your un-forgiveness holding from you?

Joyfulness? Happiness? Freedom? Connectedness?

Don’t let it stop you anymore. Forgiving yourself for whatever you feel you have done or not done will give you all of these things. You deserve happiness, joyfulness, abundance, connectedness, and more. It does not matter what you think you did, it is time to take one step toward forgiveness.

Here are some resources I found to help. Choose what feels right for you.





If I can help in any way, please contact me!

Have a blessed, forgiving November!

If You’re Psychic, Doesn’t That Mean You Have All the Answers?

Part of my work is to dispel the myths of my profession and educate others on being “psychic.” When I tell someone I am a psychic medium, there are one of two reactions. “Wow, that’s really cool! Can you tell my future?” or “Oh,” followed by that look as if I’m reading their most disgusting secrets. Uh, no. Who would want to do that, anyway? Really.

Can I tell your future? I can tell you what your guides want you to see, but it isn’t the only way to go. Here on Earth we have this wonderful thing called FREE WILL. What free will does for us is allow us to make any changes to our path at anytime. I can see the path your guides want to highlight for you, but you can always change it and do your own thing. When you do change your plans, you create a new path for yourself. Should this path not be for your highest good, your Divine Helpers will do whatever they can to make that path uncomfortable for you so you will move to where it is better for you. This is always done without judgment, though. As far as your Helpers are concerned, you are exactly where you should be at all times.

The lesson here is to remember how your actions (and reactions) affect your path. Remember, too, that you can change anything you need to change at anytime.

Can I tell when you will die? Sometimes I am given information about someone’s passing, but there is a very important thing to remember here: FREE WILL. We all have numerous exits during our lifetimes, meaning different times our bodies can die. Some of these we decided prior to coming into our bodies, and some we choose here. I learned this quite a few years ago thanks to a client of mine. Her elderly mother went into the hospital so she asked me to check if this was an exit for her mother. Prior to checking in on something like this, I always ask my guides if it is alright to get this information for whomever is asking. After getting permission, the guides said no, this is not an exit.

A couple of days passed and my guides returned to tell me that my client’s mother had chosen to leave even though it was not an exit for her. What? I asked, “Can she do that?” I’m sure they chuckled when they replied, “Of course she can. It’s her choice.” I asked why. They said she is done with what she wanted to do here. She did not have to wait until her next exit. Of course, that was a strange conversation I had with my client, but I had to tell her that she and her family needed to prepare for her mother’s passing. They did and were grateful for the information. She passed two days later.

What I want to impart here is this is not an exact science, as you can tell from this story. When you are asking a psychic for this type of information, remember this!

So, what’s the point? Why even bother consulting a psychic if the information you receive isn’t ironclad? Psychics can help you see your options. Those of us who are trained to connect with your guides to receive information for your highest good can help you with decisions and help you look at the situation from different perspectives. It’s like having an impartial set of eyes who can see your life from the higher places.

It’s important to remember, though, you have your own inner knowing, instincts and intuition. You wouldn’t run to a doctor every time you sneezed, so why would you run to a psychic whenever you have a question about your future. Check in with your inner knowing first. Ask your guides to show you the options, and then be open receiving the results. It’s not always what you want to hear, but it will be for your highest good. Feel into each of the options. How do you feel when you imagine yourself in the situation. If it feels heavy, don’t do it. If it feels light, consider it, but remember there is always more than one way to get to the same place.

Connect with your psychic after you have checked in with your inner knowing and need some validation or to see more options. Even psychics need to consult other psychics to help them see things from other angles. We are human, too! Every honest psychic will tell you we can see better for others than for ourselves. This is all part of being in these incarnations. The difference is we know we can ask. We know we have the ability to tune into the options.

So, no, psychics don’t have all the answers because there are no absolutes. What we do have is a clear connection to your Helpers who can see what is best for you. Absolutely, use this connection to help you sort things out, and understand, you won’t get all the answers either. What fun would that be if we knew what to do in every situation?

We are here to experience life, love and learn about relationships and ourselves. However this works best for you is your path.

If you feel stuck and have looked at the options and still need assistance, please feel free to contact me to help! Your Divine Support System is always on your side!

Shift Happens

We knew coming into these lives that we would have to do some shifting to get where we needed to go. We forgot, though, how much crap was going to be in the way, and how many other souls we had asked to make it more challenging for us to find our purpose and our hearts’ desires. Of all the things to forget, why did we agree to this?!

From our souls’ perspective, this feels like such a fun game. I often hear my soul self saying, “Aw, look how cute she is running into that brick wall. I know any minute she will turn and walk around it. But isn’t she cute?” until I realize she’s talking about me! Sometimes I just want to scream at her for agreeing to this craziness and not remembering how damn hard it can be “down” here. Then I remember…

I do have something to say about this! I have the ability to play along and not take this crap so seriously. Yes, it does feel very real and very serious…but, then I remember…

It is not.

At any moment, we can change the players in our game. At any moment, we can choose to take a different road, have a different experience. At any moment, we can create something new.

This is why we are here. This is why we put ourselves through this “hell” — to learn how to change the game.

Are you ready to change your game? I know I am!