7/8 – My View from Heaven – Edinboro, PA

BOL_logo_color-1Join International Speaker, Author, and Psychic Medium Sarina Baptista and her son, J.T., for this interactive discussion about what happens when we die.

We miss our loved ones when they pass. We wonder where they are and what they might be doing now. Are they watching over us? Are they in Heaven? Where is Heaven, anyway? Can we communicate with them? In 2007, Sarina Baptista began a journey to answer these questions as she buried her seven-year-old son, J.T. She knew her son was somewhere, but where? Six months after J.T.’s passing, Sarina discovered she was a medium, the bridge between this world and the next, and she could communicate with him! It wasn’t long before J.T. revealed his story—why he had to leave, where he went when he left his body, and the purpose of life on Earth.

You will never look at life, or death, the same!


Date: July 8, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Cost: $25.00

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Organizer Bolts of Love
Phone: 814-314-9297

Unity in Edinboro
130 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA 16412

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