House Clearings and Blessings

Any space holds energy. That energy could be from the past occupants of the space or the events that occurred in the space (residual).  It could also be from those who no longer have bodies who would like to be in your space (ghosts or souls who have not crossed).

If your house feels heavy, or you are experiencing paranormal activity, it is time to clear and bless your space.  That energy does not belong in your home and you do not have to tolerate it.

Step 1 is a “House Check” During a house check, we determine the type of energy in the home – residual or intelligent – and create a plan to remove the energy. This includes instructing the home owner/residents how to do the clearing, and a demonstration. I want to be clear here. You are doing the clearing at this time. I am not. You have the power and authority to say what is allowed in your space! It is my job to teach you how to do this.

If for some reason you do not want to do this yourself and want my team to do the clearing/sealing, we move to Step 2.

Step 2 is a “House Clearing/Sealing” During a house clearing/sealing, we remove stuck residual energy and any intelligent energy from the residence, and replace it with higher, lighter energy. We assist any souls who need help continuing on their journey by helping them cross into the light.  If they do not want to cross, they must leave. These spirits take energy away from your and your family, and it’s not okay for them to be there.

We always leave “the door open” for your loved ones, angels and Divine helpers because these energies love you and can see the big picture.  Our energy clearing does not affect them.

Once the space is cleared, we seal it so those who have not crossed can no longer come in. We then bless the space and ask for the angels and Divine helpers to watch over you. You will absolutely feel the difference!

House checks and clearing/sealing are usually done on Sunday afternoons, but other schedules can be accommodated.

House Check: $100

House Clearing/Sealing Up to 2500 sq ft: $250
House Clearing/Sealing 2500sf – 3000sf: $300
House Clearing/Sealing 3000sf – 3500sf: $350
House Clearing/Sealing 3500sf – 4000sf: $400
Over 4000sf:  $0.10 per square foot

Click here to contact Sarina to set up a house check or clearing/blessing.

There are also instructions on this page if you would like to do the clearing yourself. You have the power and authority to clear your space and set the boundaries of who and what is allowed in your space!

Fine print: You and the other occupants of the space will be taught how to keep the seal in place so the lower energies are not able to come back in. If you or another occupant invites or brings in lower energy spirits, the seal can be broken and you may need to clear and reseal. You have the power to keep your space free of these energies, and you also have the power to have them come back in if you are not clear about your intentions. Our goal during our visit with you is to give you the tools so you are clear about what you want in your space.