What is Reiki and Psychic Reiki?


In Japanese, Rei means “God’s wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki means “Life force energy”. So, Reiki, pronounced Ray-Kee, means “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.” Psychic Reiki is using this amazing Universal Life Force Energy to gain insight for yourself and others.

Reiki is an ancient healing modality (method) which dates back at least 2,500 years. It originated in Tibet or India, but is not traced historically until Dr. Mikao Usui is said to have uncovered the symbol. The clearest and most authentic understanding we have been able to discover is that Dr. Usui originated the system of healing he taught and practiced based first on his mystical experience on Mt. Kurama. During his mystical experience on Mt. Kurama, Dr. Usui received the ability to do Reiki treatments. Later he added the Reiki Ideals, the three Reiki II symbols, hand positions and the attunement process.

When you receive an attunement from a Reiki Master Teacher, you are given healing symbols you use during your healing sessions.

Diane Stein in her book Essential Reiki writes “In the life force energy of Reiki, the person who is attuned as a Reiki healer has had her body’s energy channels opened and cleared of obstruction by the Reiki attunements. She now not only receives an increase in this life energy or Ki for her own healing, but becomes connected to the source of all universal Ki.”

The Usui System of Natural Healing balances and strengthens the body’s energy, promoting its ability to heal itself.

Reiki is useful in treating illnesses and injuries. Examples of ailments where Reiki can assist healing are sports injuries, cuts, burns, internal diseases, emotional disorders and stress-related illnesses, to name a few.

Reiki was introduced to the Western world in the mid-1970s. Since then its use has spread dramatically worldwide.

Psychic Reiki

As I learned to do Reiki on others, I realized I was picking up so much psychic information for the client. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should share the information, so I asked my guides what to share. My clients were so appreciative I gave them the information and left with more than just a Reiki treatment.

The information I receive for my clients might have to do with blocks in their energy, past life memories, messages from loved ones who have passed, life path changes, just to name a few. Once you know what might be blocking you from moving forward or from success, it is easier to move it out of the way!

My Master Reiki Guides know the benefits of having this extra insight for clients, so they gave me the Psychic Reiki symbol to attune current Reiki practitioners. What this attunement does is open your psychic awareness so you are open to receive messages from your angels and guides. The attunement also raises your vibration, allowing you to connect easier and quicker.

Reiki and Psychic Reiki Classes

I currently offer both Reiki and Psychic Reiki classes. You can take the Psychic Reiki for Reiki Practitioners class once you are Reiki I attuned. The Reiki I and Psychic Reiki attunements are done at different time to allow your body to “attune” to the new energy. For information on current class offerings, please click here.

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