Angel Sessions

Angels are all around us. They are our Helpers on Earth, and will move the mountains to assist us if that is for our highest good.

We have all had incredible encounters with the angelic realm. I hear countless stories of how angels have come at just the right time to share wisdom (using someone in human form as the messenger sometimes), or moved us out of the way at just the right time so we would avoid an accident.

Angels do come in many different forms. Their sole job is to assist us in this incarnation. Many angels have “specialties,” and many are guardians. We all have them! There are no exceptions.

In an Angel Session, we introduce you to your angels and they give you advice or answer questions you may have. Knowing there is support for you regardless of your circumstances is a very powerful realization!

In an Angel Card Session, we introduce you to your angels and receive an angel card reading to answer questions about a situation or your direction.

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