Life Sessions

“Why am I here?”

This is a question I hear time and time again. We want to know why we are here and what our purpose is this time around. We feel a pull to make a change, but might not know what that means or how to get there.

In a Life Purpose Session, we help you understand what your soul wants to experience here this time around. We bring in your high guides and council who tell us where you need to focus your energy. You leave with homework and a plan to implement. It is a very powerful, affirming session!

In a Past Life Session, we look at some past lives you have had and identify how these lives are related to what you are experiencing in this life. We can sometimes also identify who from your soul family was with you in those past lives and the affect it might have on your current relationships.

In an Akashic Records Session, we look at your “book of life,” the record of all incarnations, past, present and future. This book has every thought, every action, from every life. It is a multi-dimensional library of light wherein all the information and wisdom pertaining to each and every soul ever incarnated is encoded in light. During this session, we will access these records and ask questions about this life, other lifetimes and why you are here. Akashic Records Sessions are longer than other sessions because of the intricate detail we receive for you. These sessions are scheduled at this link.

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