Why Meditate?

Students ask me, “Do I have to meditate?” I usually reply, “Only if you want to connect!”  One of my teachers told me, and I will tell you, MEDITATION IS THE KEY TO CONNECTION! What does that mean?  That means if you can’t quiet your mind and let your spirit take over for awhile, your mind will not allow the connection to take place. The mind is very interested in maintaining status quo. We were taught at very young ages we need to use our brain to get anywhere. Our spirit (intuition, creative center) is often neglected. We do not have “Basic Intuition” classes in our schools (YET!) to help our children remember who they really are in this big world. We shut that off so we can pass the SATs and get into a good college, preferably on a scholarship.

What we don’t realize when we do this, though, is we cut ourselves off from the basics of life here on earth. We were meant to have that connection with Spirit, Source, One! We are all part of our Creator, and we all have that connection with Creator and our infinite support system. We just have to relearn how to communicate with them.

Hence, meditation.

What is Meditation?

Sometimes we make meditation too complicated. Simply, meditation is quieting the mind so your soul can speak. This can be done in so many ways. Taking walks in nature can be meditation. A soothing bath can be meditation. Sitting in a room with soft music and allowing your spirit to come to the surface and play for a while is absolutely meditation.

Many new meditators feel you need to “go to that happy place” in order to meditate “correctly”. There is no “correctly” really. It is just how deep you allow yourself to relax and slip into a meditative state.

You do not have to leave your body to meditate. I do travel during meditation, but it is not an out of body experience, although it can be. It is allowing my spirit to flow where it needs to go. I can awaken in a moment and be fully alert and present. Meditation is not astral traveling, although, like I said before, it can be if you so choose.

Another myth is that you need to meditate in absolute silence or with meditation music — no voice — in order for it to be true meditation. This is not the case. When I was learning to meditate, there’s no way I could have sat there in silence without being guided. My mind was too powerful in the beginning. Please do not feel you are a failure if you cannot quiet your thoughts in the beginning.

I preferred to have a guided meditation when I was first learning. This is where the narrator guides you to visualize certain places or things. I found it easier for my mind to quiet and my soul to speak during guided meditation. You may not need to use the guided meditation for very long, or you may use it forever! It does not matter. The point is that you USE it. If you need a place to start, please check out the Resources page for CD recommendations or purchase my guided meditation CD. Sometimes your local library will have CDs available for rent!

Others I know prefer walking meditation or gardening meditation. It all depends on what resonates with your spirit. Try different ways. See which feel best. The important thing, of course, is to DO IT! The benefits are too numerous to list!

If you feel you need assistance in this area, I do have classes on learning to meditate (see below for info).

Whatever you need to do to get it done!

Connecting Meditation CD!

This is a guided meditation CD for beginners to assist you in connecting with your angels, guides and loved ones. No previous experience is necessary to get the many benefits of meditation.

Click here to hear a sample from the CD

It is available on Amazon at this link! My hope is that it helps you to feel closer to your angels, guides and loved ones who have passed!

Please contact me if you would like further information on meditation classes and instruction.

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