Small Group Training


We all read energy, we all receive information. How each of us interpret this information and energy is very important and very unique.

What is a small group?

Small group training is psychic/connecting training with a maximum of 10 people. It is the same six people each month so a group coherence is created.

We will be learning the following skills: mediumship, psychic, channeling, past life readings, akashic record readings, connecting with the angels, high guides, Council, to name a few.

Advantages to small groups:

Personal attention, economical, camaraderie, support, greater focus, greater advancement, to name a few. These are often referred to as “tribes” because of the bond and group energy created.

Since there will be a maximum of only 6 in each group, we are able to build the foundation and step up the training, tailoring it to the members of the group and their abilities. Don’t worry about whether or not you will fit into your group — the intention is already set that your group will be the optimal learning environment for you. Our high guides will choose the groups as they know what you personally need and how that will fit into the group.

Monthly cost is $50 and includes the monthly meetings.

Each month, you will discover more and more about how YOU receive information from the other side and how to hone these abilities in a small group setting, meaning no more than 5 other members in your group! You will also learn about energies and how to work with the different levels of energy.

Small groups meet once a month. Each group, or tribe, creates a synergistic energy, which means you can progress very quickly using the group energy as your foundation.

Cost: $50 per person per month

Currently, there are two local groups forming, but there is also the potential for long distance groups if there is interest. Local groups meet in person. Long Distance would meet via tele-conference.

If you are in the Northern Colorado area, click here to express your interest in this class.

If you are out of the area, click here to learn about the Long Distance Training.

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